ANZ PROPERTIES LIMITED is a trustworthy name in the real estate sector of Bangladesh which crowns the prime locations at Dhaka and Chittagong. Since its inception in 2002 with tremendous appreciation in the capital city Dhaka, ANZ took its venture in the port city Chittagong in early 2006. Its unwavering determination, unparalleled dedication and continuous effort to keep promises, to assure quality and to deliver service made ANZ one of the leading developers in the country.

ANZ signifies the epitome of luxury integrated with superior quality understated grandeur. The spirit of creativity and perfection of the organization is mirrored in its different endeavors to achieve excellence. Its has created impeccable fortress with the help of the most qualified and experienced fresh minds in this sector. It encourages to declare with certainty that provides service with the assistance of the most competent, intrepid and intelligent management team of Bangladesh; steered by the aptitude and the experiences of learned Directors and Heads. ANZ also takes pride in gathering the best talents in the discipline of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Marketing professional and so on; who with their knowledge and creativity design your dream abode.

ANZ chooses the best design ideas and best building materials emphasizing on the convenience and suitability of its clients. It confirms the accurate measurement of all apartments and hand them over within the stipulated time that has been created the honest business trend in the Real Estate sector.

ANZ PROPERTIES LIMITED stands on a strong financial background which never allows to waste time in course of the materialization of clients’ imaginations. More importantly ANZ is very much respectful towards its clients’ dreams and their demands making ANZ obliged to serve them even after the handover of the flats are made. 



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